Chuck Hollis, Oracle, makes an excellent point that it is all too easy to be distracted by IT articles relating to 'The New Shiny Thing' and technology for technologies sake is nothing if it does not address a particular problem or deliver a valued outcome.

So where do you focus, and how will this impact your current or future skill-sets?

Gartner would suggest that that in 2017 there are ten strategic technology trends we should be following;

  1. AI & Advanced Machine Learning
  2. Intelligent Apps
  3. Intelligent Things
  4. Virtual & Augmented Reality
  5. Digital Twin
  6. Blockchain
  7. Conversational Systems
  8. Mesh App and Service Architecture
  9. Digital Technology Platforms
  10. Adaptive Security Architecture

Gartner 2017 Trends

Like me, you have probably seen many of these terms in the press, attended conferences and maybe even understand their value proposition. But my question is how many projects have you been on that delivered against these ‘Trends’ or any of the ‘New Shiny Things'?, not many I suspect but you don't have to cast your mind back far to a time when Cloud seemed a scary proposition.

These themes are common across the respected analyst community, and at some point, they will become the new norm, but we must recognise that if our learning curve is steep, spare a thought for our customers and don’t jump to the conclusion they understand any more than us. 

Call it hype, trends or the future; it cannot be ignored. We can’t predict accurately everything that the future will hold, but whatever happens, it won’t stand still, and we must accept that we will have to evolve to meet the new demands forsaking our safe harbour of familiar technologies.