Advancements in IoT have provided the ability to light up 'dark devices' and connect almost anything to the outside world, but in the midst of the competition to produce feature-rich products has the point of it been forgotten?

For AGA, the luxury oven manufacturer, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, provide the ability to connect to your oven from anywhere in the world and remotely turn it on. The marketing team probably had images of hearty home cooked meals and the ultimate in consumer convenience. The reality is IoT connected - Yes, IoT secure - No

The apparent lack of security and authentication associated with connecting to the ovens meant they could simply be hacked and turn on at will, presenting a potential fire risk.

As the number of connected devices in our lives increases, the security risks associated with them is set to become increasingly common so we should consider if our new connected products truly need to be connected or is it IoT for IoT sake.