Storytelling has always been part of human behaviour, so it’s no surprise we are intuitively connected when people, businesses, and retailer’s engage with us in this way. Over hundreds of centuries, humanity has passed history, language, and moral codes through generations using this method – we are hardwired to feel things conveyed this way. Stories tap into our capacity for childlike wonder, and can even help us retain information better, when the brain is engaged not by fact or reason alone, but by how you felt.

For retailers, the advancement of technology takes this traditional approach and allows us now to create this consistency from online to in-store, sales process to after-sale experience. Retailers who excel in this, have mastered their ‘Brand’, which permeates both the internal and external behaviours, structures, processes, and marketing strategy. Ideas are the seed of a great story waiting to be told, which needs a support structure to harness and turn it into reality. This has always been the power of really strong Brands.

Transforming a Retail business to embrace the Digital and IOT world is not just about technology though, the majority of businesses today are not set-up operationally or culturally to exploit the opportunities which will occur over the next 5 years.

- Continuous engagement with the customer throughout their journey

- Utilitising insights to engage more closely with customers

- Developing partnerships with suppliers to drive a holistic and seamless customer experience

That’s why when we see articles such as US Home Improvement Retailer Lowes ‘How storytelling ignites IT innovation at Lowe’s’ it make such an impression. It’s clear transforming a business from mundane day to day operations to into an agile innovation comic book led operation is not going to be easy!

As a CIO trying to convince the CEO on your own, no matter how good your relationship is, is always going to be a hard task. You need strong internal support and external guidance with validation. It is therefore imperative you find the right partner, who clearly understands the challenges you face, but has a clear approach and framework to making your vision a reality.

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