An interesting article about the recent Wolfson Economic Prize which asked how improvements to Britain's roads could be funded. Many of the solutions suggest variants of paying by the mile. With 10% of journeys being less than 1.5 miles as well as a clear need to tackle congesting in the UK, road charging could provide a number of carrots and sticks to better fund our road system and optimise behaviour on our roads.

In terms of implementation, this is something Hitachi has the capability to implement today using our Lumada IoT platform.  A UK wide road pricing implementation would have data volumes only around 10 times greater than those we are managing with the predictive maintenance solution we have built for the UK's new Intercity trains. In addition much of the same data ingestion and processing functionality required would be the much the same. 

As with many IT projects, getting people to buy-in to the change would likely be tougher then doing the technology.

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