Oracle Cloud SaaS-based projects promise a great deal, rapid deployments, feature rich content and significant savings. While this may be true, many organisations continue to follow a traditional deployment approach and fail to achieve the true business benefits and measurable outcomes laid out in the business case.

All too often the value proposition is lost due to perceived delivery complexity, or a lack of product knowledge, and sometimes the inherent resistance to change to a standard operating model underpinned by good practice.

It’s easy to find traditional Systems Integrators making statements like;

  • We have highly experienced certified professionals in all cloud platforms
  • We have accelerators to dramatically reduce implementation time
  • Our automate patch management saves x% of patching effort and reduce your TCO instantly by x%

Noteworthy sound bites but how do the first two points differentiate? and in the context of Oracle SaaS, the third point doesn’t apply as patching is covered within the SaaS agreement.

Hitachi Consulting’s Cloud Migration for Oracle is different.

It offers an automated, efficient and reliable solution to seamlessly map out your journey to the cloud, so your business can successfully evolve with the rapid changes in a connected economy. It can provide an assessment of your existing business processes and application landscape, identify the compatibility of target cloud SaaS options and then suggests the best possible SaaS adoption road-map. It will even help automate the migration to the target SaaS environment.

So if you are looking for a different approach for your cloud migration, or seek a partner that is focused on customer value and real outcomes take a look at Hitachi’s Cloud Solutions and their automated Oracle Cloud Migration Toolset.

It's different, but sometimes different is the right answer.