While the detailed Brexit negotiations have not yet started, there are obvious concerns about the long-term impact on the Financial Services sector and as well as any organisation that has an interest beyond UK shores. Speculation is rife, and posturing on potential outcomes has already begun.   

The Financial Policy Committee at the Bank of England has already asked banks to clarify how they would handle a potential sudden break in their European relations, after Brexit, as there could be significant disrupt to liquidity as well as banking services as a whole.

“The European Union has revealed a draft law to give it the power to move the lucrative euro clearing business out of London and keep it in the EU after Britain leaves the Union in 2019.” - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40264755 13th June 2017

With so many potential long-term impacts new, more agile, ways of working will be required to support rapid changes to existing business models and increased legal structure complexity. Being able to adapt quickly is why Hitachi Social Innovation focuses on Cloud technologies, accelerators and smarter ways of working. We don’t have crystal balls to predict the future, but we do have solutions that help you become digital and better positioned to meet the future challenges. More information on how to become a Digital Enterprise can be read here.