Back in April, I discussed Hitachi's Artificial Intelligence Security solutions drawing parallels with the film Minority Report, set 2054. So when I came across this article discussing how some of the films 'future tech' is now 'real' it made me smile...and feel a little bit old because of the films 15th anniversary.

Tech now available, and my own personal experiences with it, include;

  • Driverless Cars...not quite mainstream and I'm not convinced the daily London commute is the place to trial it
  • Personalised Ads...yes, those annoying pop-up's on your internet browser, thanks
  • Voice-controlled Homes...perhaps, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with mixed experiences with our so-called smart phones and voice control
  • Facial and Optical Recognition...have you ever tried this at Heathrow arrivals, can be irritating when you get off the 'red-eye' and it doesn't work
  • Gesture-based Computing...the Nintendo Wii, happy days
  • Predictive Policing...ahh we have gone full circle back to my original post and well worth another read. 


All credit to the film which seemed so futuristic at the time...but I'm fast approaching the point of needing less Minority Report and more Cacoon in my life.