One of the great bastions of British Summer time is about to start, Wimbledon. 

Whether you are a tennis fan or not it holds a certain romance and appeal that most would find hard to resist. There is something very British about Wimbledon yet the folks at SW19 have been hard at work transforming the way the tournament will be consumed by the wider audience through significant investment in technology. Reportedly, the new tech includes;

  • A new real-time tool to highlight matches of particular interest and quality, and not necessarily just those on the main show courts
  • Slam Tracker - a cross-platform application that provides real-time scores, stats and insights for all matches in progress
  • Apps for those attending have been enhanced by the Ask Fred assistant which allows fans to plan their day and make the most of their visit
  • On Wimbledon's digital platforms this year there will be computer generated highlights from six main courts - Centre, One, Two Three, 12 and 18
  • A 360 degree camera view will also be provided from the practice courts
  • Cognitive computing capabilities to try and work out for fans the characteristics that it takes to be "a great champion".

But why, surely you go to watch the players battling for top honours and not to watch your smart device that can stream one game live, ticker-tape results, news and expert option on all matches and importantly keep you up to date with the queue wait time for your next punnet of strawberries and cream.

Well if you have ever been to Wimbledon you will know there is very strict telephone etiquette, WiFi is practically non-existent, and you will have to queue…a long time for everything.

Simply put, the new technology is about appealing to more fans and global reach. With new TV deals on the horizon extending the traditional media formats to include more digital assets will undoubtedly broaden the appeal and provide greater access to a global market.

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