Most retailers are currently struggling to ensure they are in good shape with their data prior to the new regulations coming in. The action from Wetherspoons however appears fairly drastic, in that they have chosen to remove any information regarding their customers rather than face the possibility of a security breach or fine.

Data quality is key for both GDPR and effective marketing. At least a third of businesses have more than 50 data files containing customer information and this is increasing annually as we explore big data options.

The issue is that most organisations are striving to delight their customers and are only able do that with a single view of their customer based on all their systems and touch-points. 

Hitachi have implemented a Smart Customer experience solution in retailers to allow them to implement a high level of data quality, ensure removal of duplicate records and gain a golden customer record. It is typically the old systems with duplicates that get left behind with security checks and can allow organisations the risk of security breaches.

Organisations need to ensure their data quality is high as they prepare for new legislation and the capability of enhancing their customers experience. 

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