Over the past few years, the UK government technology landscape has moved significantly in light of the stated commitment to ‘Cloud First’. Government departments and public sector organisations have become more mature in their uptake of cloud services but remain laggards when compared to private sector organisation.

With recent UK private sector statements like “BP's public cloud strategy helps reduce IT spend by 40 percent” - ComputerWorldUK, why are more public sector organisations not embracing the public cloud?

Simply put, security.

Oracle newly released Government Cloud has been fully endorsed to meet the strict cyber security requirements and has received the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate paving the way forward for great public sector cloud adoption.

Mike Parsons, Director General, Capabilities and Resources at the Home Office said, “The security of our data is of paramount importance to us. The solution Oracle has built for us is delivering the security we need, meaning we can confidently begin to move away from our existing on-premise infrastructure and realise the benefits of hosting our business-critical data in the public cloud.”

So if you are an existing government or public sector organisation looking to benefit from Oracle new Government Cloud take a look at Hitachi’s Cloud Solutions and automated Oracle Cloud Migration Toolset which may help you achieve your cloud goals quicker than you think.