What happens when you get 159 engineers from 28 organisations contribute to a project to advance open blockchain products and services....Success.

On 11th July 2017 Hyperledger, a collaborative cross-industry effort created to advance blockchain technology announced the general availability of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0. Hosted by The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation and intended as a foundation for developing blockchain applications, products or solutions.

Some of the key advantages of the new Hyperledger Fabric for blockchain networks include;

  • Permission membership
  • Performance, scalability, and levels of trust
  • Data on a need-to-know basis
  • Queries over an immutable distributed ledger
  • Modular architecture supporting plug-in components
  • Protection of digital keys and sensitive data

A great achievement from for all those involved in defining the future path, lots still to be done but exciting times similar to the early days of the internet.

Well done everyone, Read more here