Cloud is proving organisations more deployment options than ever before while gaining significant market share over traditional on-premise deployments. The result is that traditional on-premise vendors now offer cloud alternatives in public or private form as well as greater solution flexibility to integrate and relevancy to meet customer needs.

Traditional ERP giants such as SAP and Oracle are good examples of companies to offer both cloud and on-premise ERP solutions to meet customer’s needs, albeit in some cases as a temporary measure while transitioning products fully to cloud. Again, reflecting the market momentum but in turn leading to difficult choices for CIO’s and IT Directors on which path to take, and when.

This problem was recently highlighted by Luis Murguia, global senior vice president for Business One at SAP, “Today, cloud ERP vendors market their products as if cloud is the only way to consume business software for a rational and smart business owner,” Murguia goes on to say, “This is very misleading; it is like saying that people should only rent apartments or houses.” – IT

CIO’s, and organisations, often struggle to define a strategy to implement innovative solutions that will aid streamlining their business whilst providing scale for growth. The complexity challenge does not often come from the technologies, moreover, it’s balancing the need to manage the day-to-day activities and demands associated with increased business volumes, employees, customers and conflicting priorities.

There is no “silver bullet” or “one size fits all" but ensuring you have a trusted advisor that can help guide you in the “right direction” will allow you to focus on the day-to-day, get that next big order out the door, and plan for the future. Understanding the business requirements must be combined with selecting the appropriate cloud approach, on-premise, public or hybrid, to ensure those industries that need extra flexibility to meet greater system controls, increased security demands, or geographical differentiations can be accommodated.

Hitachi Consulting has helped many organisations benefit from Digital Agility Enabled by the Cloud

As a trusted advisor, we work with you at every phase of the journey: Cloud Assessment and Advisory, Cloud Transformation, Cloud Management and Operations to ensure measurable business outcomes are achieved via our Hitachi Smart Cloud Solutions that are right for you.

Typical outcomes include lower IT costs, faster path to innovation and competitive advantage but we would love to talk to you about how we can bring benefit to your organisation.