One of the most striking changes in recent times when speaking with Retail customers is their enlightened focus on contemporary technologies as enablers and accelerators.  I still have meaningful discussions about how it's possible to improve and enhance operational efficiencies but refreshingly these are increasingly interwoven with how leveraging the latest technical trends can assist that quest.

It's hardly surprising, but welcome nonetheless.

Critical to nearly all such discussions tends to be how Data impinges upon all facets of modern Retail business.  The imperatives of 'moving closer to the customer', personalised campaign and promotions management, customer loyalty in the shapes of retention, lifetime value and up/cross-sell opportunities and better, more granular actionable transactional insight across all channels of operation now have a concentrated focus amongst Retailers.

Mike Mack's article highlights how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created the concept of O2O in the world of Retail - Online to Offline/Offline to Online - and how the latent insight embedded within transactional data can be utilised for improved Supply Chain operational purposes.

The necessity for a conjoined O2O customer strategy and the value it has the potential to deliver relies upon an holistic approach to Data and the AI it can empower. Here at Hitachi Consulting that's what we're all about...