Back in June, I discussed Minority Report: 6 predictions that came true, 15 years on so as the new Blade Runner film is being released I thought it worthy of the same treatment. As exhibited in Minority Report, many of the predictions have come true and let's not forget Blade Runner is 35 years old. wow.

Film-Tech now available, or not based on my own personal experiences with it, include;

  • Video Calling...seemingly far-fetched at the time when mobile phones weren't really mobile, this is now a staple of all mobile devices, laptops etc. but thankfully not the Amstrad E3
  • "Love" bots...after some discreet 'googling' it appears they do exist and are predicted to become the next big thing, who knew!
  • Digital Billboards...tick, prolific in all major cities, airports, motorways, MacDonalds! 
  • Hover Cars...every couple of years someone tries to convince us its the way forward with some hybrid plane/car concept. Clearly, they have not experienced the the madness of a British bank holiday weekend on the M25, but someone braver than me it testing this in Dubai 
  • Artificial Intelligence...tick, Hitachi robot EMIEW3 the friendlier version of Ridley Scott's replicants and many examples of the use of AI exist today 
  • Privatizing space travel...not yet, but plenty of pioneers in this area including SpaceX, Virgin Galatic, and Blue Origin to mention a few. Where do I sign-up?

An outstanding film and vision of the future. Personally, I hope and expect space travel will benefit the most over the coming 35 years, perhaps not deep space travel but sub-orbital spaceflight to reduce flight times between continents.