After the big Blue and Black or White and Gold dress debate along comes another source of endless argument, Grey and Teal or Pink and White. Please let me know what you see, I'm in the Grey and Teal camp but my wife tells me I'm I guess its Pink and White...or something completely different.

Having worked with ERP technologies for over 25 years one thing remains constant, organisations lack total clarity across their entire estate. If you ask the Head of Business Applications to describe their estate they will you a viewpoint, ask someone else in the team and you'll probably get a different answer, ask a third and yet another viewpoint. And so we have our Blue and Black or White and Gold, Grey and Teal or Pink and White moment. 

My point is how people perceive what is often in front of them differs based on factors such as their own personal experiences, or the particular role or task they perform. Hitachi recognises there can be many different perspectives so when asked about Cloud adoption, we take a holistic view from all possible angles to ensure we all start from the same position and all agree how we arrive at the best outcome.

By way of example, Hitachi Consulting’s Cloud Migration for Oracle is an automated, efficient and reliable solution to seamlessly map out your journey to the cloud so your business can successfully evolve with the rapid changes in a connected economy. It can provide an assessment of your existing business processes and application landscape, identify the compatibility of target cloud SaaS options and then suggests the best possible SaaS adoption roadmap. 

Whether you are planning to move legacy applications to the cloud or looking for a cloud migration plan from Release 11i or Release 12, the Cloud Migration for Oracle offers a comprehensive plan for either scenario. It can quickly address uncertainties by identifying how many customisations and integrations exist, what percentage of the existing functionality is in the EBS applications, and more. All of this data forms the foundation a reliable path to the cloud.

As the tool is a very non-invasive process it does not require an organisation to complete a manual survey on their current Oracle applications and customisations thus removing the Grey and Teal or Pink and White debate. 

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