We tend to take buildings for granted. After all they are everywhere, and you are probably sitting in one right now. What if the building you are in was smarter, more aware of its purpose, and more aware of you? This is when things begin to change. 

Office buildings will know more about the personal needs of each occupant and accommodate these needs in real time to ensure their absolute comfort and work place safety. Manufacturing buildings are getting wired to optimize every schedule, quality and reliability aspect needed to keep production on-time and fully maximized for cost efficiency and output.

Buildings are a vital corporate resource and play a key role in our future. By making buildings smarter we can impact energy consumption, employee safety, room comfort and control, availability of offices and meeting rooms, personalized lighting, impact on cleaning schedules, and many other new things yet to discovered. Harnessing the data is the first big step,. It's allowing innovative new services that will forever change our lives.

A creative vision advanced by Hitachi shows how buildings holistically can be optimized to improve our human experience. At Hitachi Consulting, we are already helping our clients use IoT for energy solutions to optimize one piece of this puzzle. I'm excited to see where this goes as everything in the building gets wired up and elevates us into the future. This is what we mean by Total Building Optimization.  Think about what it can mean for you.