A challenge with IoT is making it real for customers. How can one easily show customers the end-to-end process that's more than just slideware? Then I met MisterX. I like this guy and I met his creator in a class recently in New York City. We all wondered: "Wouldn't it be great to be able to demonstrate to a customer within half a day just how IoT works?" I just couldn't keep from wondering what does MisterX's digital twin look like anyhow?

Well, as we joined for a second day in class in the morning, one of our classmates brought in MisterX.  He is fully wired with four different sensors and a microprocessor that is wifi enabled. MisterX lives on the edge but he is a great way to demonstrate quick integration with any IoT platform. Ready to handshake MQTT for the first time? After all, who said IoT cannot be fun and innovative at the same time? 

At Hitachi Consulting we are offering solutions on the new SAP Leonardo platform. It's exciting to engage with this new capability in the SAP platform because so many of our manufacturing customers already use SAP today.