Actually, the assets aren’t annoying. Effectively managing them is.

You see, many organizations struggle with their utility spend. How much this year? How does that compare to last year? What are we forecasting? What percentage of operational costs? That’s when most folks exit left.

Enter Hitachi Consulting.

The Hitachi Smart Energy Platform, powered by Lumada, is an intelligent, IoT solution that applies analytics to determine optimal usage of facility assets by reducing energy consumption across the real estate portfolio. Through imbedded sensor technologies, the Hitachi Smart Energy Platform applies analytics and predictive modeling to evaluate and monitor energy use in real-time.  

Our platform helps organizations:

  • Understand energy consumption across an entire real estate portfolio
  • Extend asset life with improved visibility into equipment health
  • Transform facility assets to be more dynamic and efficient
  • Oh, and reduce energy use and associated operational costs  

You don’t say? I do. And I’ll prove it.

To date, we’ve deployed energy savings measures to 100 million sq. ft. across 3,300 facilities. This amounts to $217 million in total cumulative operational savings over five years and 1billion kWh savings through IoT enabled energy conservation programs. 

Seems pretty notable to me.