Clean water is arguably the most important substance on earth. So, it’s no wonder that water quality is a hot topic on everyone’s mind these days—from manufacturers to municipalities. While these organizations are unanimous on the need for clean water, funding a water management initiative is not always easy when decision makers believe they can’t get a significant return on their investments. For some, it appears easier to sit and wait.

But, as the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote, “Time waits for no man.” Our water management issues aren’t going away and there are valuable benefits to gain by moving forward. By adopting water management solutions, many organizations have gained “soft” benefits, such as positive social media exposure and accolades for supporting greater environmental sustainability. These efforts can go a long way towards public perception and can be important when seeking funding for new initiatives.

Easy steps to getting started

One challenge to getting started on a smarter water management journey is knowing where to begin. Here are three easy steps your organization can take today at little to no cost, and plot your path toward a more comprehensive water management solution.

1. Start measuring water volume. Identify how much water you’re currently consuming—how much volume comes in and how much goes out. Put consumption measures in place to understand your water usage and uncover opportunities for potential savings.

2. Anticipate changing compliance requirements. Do you know what your regulatory compliance requirements will be one year from now? Understanding future requirements allows you to take proactive measures now so you’ll be prepared for changing regulations and avoid costly penalties.

3. Develop a basic strategy for water management. What’s your vision for effective water management? Determine key areas where you’d like to see improvements and identify the steps required to build a better go-forward water infrastructure.

Once you have a better understanding of your actual water consumption, compliance requirements and strategic vision, you’ll be much more informed about what you need to do next.

Next steps on your water management journey

As you build your strategy, think of water management as more than treatment alone—you want to reduce the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated. This can deliver significant cost savings. Water management technologies now include analytics and automated alerts that can enable greater water efficiency, identify water leakage and provide the visibility required to improve your end-to-end water operations.

For example, many manufacturers use water for processing, then clean the wastewater and push it back to the environment. At the same time, they use water for facilities maintenance and landscaping. With smart water management, companies can use their recycled water for lawns, truck washing and bathrooms, thereby cutting down the need for additional incoming water—and quantifying the savings.

Municipalities can use the same multi-use approach. Even before it enters the municipal system, treated water from manufacturers can be recycled for maintenance of public facilities and other public spaces such as parks and golf courses. It takes some adjustments on the front end, but the savings quickly add up. And you’re perceived by the community as committed to making a difference.

Getting help along the way

When you’re ready to move forward with smart water management solutions, it pays to work with the right water management guide—one with the experience, solutions and financing capabilities to make your vision a reality. Hitachi Consulting has the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) experience, resources and tools to deliver manageable, financially feasible solutions.

Hitachi offers management consulting, engineering and equipment, in a combination that few other providers can match. We can also provide financing options that focus on delivering outcomes to meet your unique needs.

Our automated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are simplifying water management and delivering business and environmental benefits for manufacturers and municipalities across the globe.

No matter where you are on your water management journey, Hitachi Consulting can help.