So given were are now officially allowed to talk about Christmas, it reminded me of this great little video from a few years please don't try and enter the competition, the position was filled by the Easter Bunny. 

When you think about the increasing logistical challenges Santa faces each year, it's not surprising he's had to embrace technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics to visualise and organise his enterprise across the end-to-end supply chain.

Clearly, Santa's been doing this quite successfully for a while now, supported by his friends at the north pole, but if you don't have Santa's resources, fear not, help is at hand.

For example, Hitachi Consulting's Big Data & Analytics team worked with NATS (National Air Traffic Services) to help them understand and visualise their data. NATS developed this video, to represent themselves at the World ATM (air traffic management) Congress. The sequences are quite mesmerizing, focusing on the UK flight data held in the Hitachi BI solution. Something we think Santa would approve of to help him navigate the UK's heavily congested skies.

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