Data, data and more data!

Most water companies keep installing new sensors, loggers and anything in between plus receiving customer calls, emails, smoke signals... and sometimes (or from time to time) upgrading existing equipment or implementing new technologies, but are they really making the most out of it? Are they really innovating?

Water companies collect and store large amounts of data about the status and behaviour of their infrastructure and customer contacts, however is this data being exploited to its full potential?

Last week Hitachi Consulting spoke at WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference about this, in the digital age, information is increasingly recognised as an organisation’s most critical and differentiating (yet under-utilised) asset.

The solution might not only lie in upgrading the existing technology or installing new equipment  but looking at the bigger picture in a holistic approach using the existing data collected and applying data science, IoT analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

So, if you are not prepared to think differently about how you use your data, look away now otherwise have a read.