We have a saying at Hitachi Consulting: "Data is at the core of all critical business decisions. Let the numbers speak, then breathe life into them and move to action."

As a business person, I agree.

As someone with a personal affinity for thoughtful use of our natural resources, this concept has caused me to pause. But, it shouldn’t.

Did you know,

  • Commercial organizations spend up to 33% of their Operating Expense on energy*
  • Industrial organizations spend up to 50% of their Operating Expense on energy*
  • Furthermore, the portion of energy in buildings used inefficiently or unnecessarily is 30%*

That’s a lot of money. Money that could be used for other strategic investments or realized as well-earned profits. What can you do about it?

IoT and big data have changed the game – IoT enables access to real-time performance data at the device level, bringing data to the core. Big data enables analysis at the aggregate across multiple sources (unique and open), delivering more accuracy and relevance to drive business decisions. 

Market adoption of IoT is maturing. What was once perceived as a disruption is now settling down into an accepted and expected business investment. Optimizing business operations and minimizing unnecessary costs can make or break an organization’s competitive edge.  

It’ll be interesting to watch as the IoT platform market shakes out. I believe the number of platforms will and should shrink. I also believe that these platforms will be nimble, versatile, and compatible in ways that don’t quite exist today. 

But you don’t have to wait. The Hitachi Smart Energy Platform was designed and built to support business growth. Today, it manages and optimizes energy use in facilities, tomorrow it can support predictive and preventative maintenance of assets, water management, site security and more. This multi-functional capability translates into smarter operations. Smarter operations mean money saved. Money saved equals lower consumption of natural resources.  And this makes me very happy.