In Silicon Valley alone, there are more than 20,000 open positions for software developers. In Seattle, the number is even higher. With companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft  and others attracting talent to work on the "next big thing," many other companies find it increasingly difficult (and expensive!) to attract and retain new talent. 

In response to this problem Hitachi offers a Build-Operate-Transfer ("BOT") model for product development. The way it works entails building a development team for client companies in a remote location (on-shore or off-shore) where resource pools are more plentiful. The resources work 100% of their time as contracted resources (development, testing and QA) for the client company,  yet are on Hitachi's payroll. 

Over an agreed period of time, the client company has the option to convert those resources to their payroll as employees. This proves very beneficial to early stage companies that might not have expertise in managing foreign offices nor have the time to invest in all the other operational aspects of establishing a secondary development center. 

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