The state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is the 8th largest in India in terms of area and features the second largest coast line. The state is prone to heavy rainfall and flooding from cyclones. A few districts often suffer from drought. Although it lies in India's central peninsula, it has experienced many earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and above. Fire accidents are also common during the harsh summers. In response, the AP government established the Real Time Governance system to provide timely warning to citizens about looming calamities as well timely relief when disasters strike.

While there are detailed disaster plans drawn up at the state/district/city levels, Hitachi Consulting came up with a solution that enabled disaster management and relief operations to be overseen from a centralized command centre. The system now coordinates disaster response across geography and public service departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

A key component of the Real Time Governance system is the Hitachi Visualization Suite. HVS incorporates detailed disaster mitigation plans, integrates other real-time data and shows these on a single pane of glass that enables decision-making in a timely manner.

For example, in the event of an approaching cyclone, the system allows the officers to zoom in on at-risk areas. Here the information of the villages that would be impacted, their human and livestock population, key local disaster relief officials and their contact details, and nearest cyclone shelter spots are identified. The railway stations, airstrips, and hospitals in the area which can help in post-disaster relief can be viewed.

Real-time information about predicted wind speeds, rain and other weather factors and villages likely to be inundated and marooned can be evaluated using what-if scenarios. Finally, real-time location of ambulance and flood-relief vehicles, survey of impacted areas using surveillance cameras and drone-captured videos help in making sure that the right resources will be deployed to the right areas at the right times.

Post-disaster, the extent of crop destruction can be analyzed using information about crop-sown data, real-time data on rainfall, soil moisture and other parameters. This analysis validates the need for flood relief to farmers whose crops have been affected.

We're proud of the social innovation powered by the Hitachi Visualization Suite and the Real Time Governance system. In the face of daunting natural disasters Andhra Pradesh is enabling a more efficient and optimal way of helping citizens survive and quickly recover from such events.