In a cloud-first world, businesses are looking to drive better growth and increase revenue through SaaS-based cloud solutions. Does your business need digital  transformation? Find out below.

1. Your competitors are launching cloud offerings and you don't have a competitive alternative.

2.You're getting feedback from your customers that they are fed up with having to pay for licenses rather than usage and they don't have extra IT budget for servers and staff

3. Customers are impatient waiting weeks or months for software to be deployed and configured on their own servers, instead of immediately accessing the apps in the cloud

4. Your products are lagging because developers can't keep up with the ever-changing market demands

5. Marketing has no idea who uses the software and product development has no idea how customers are using it (or not using it) and what features matter to them

6. Your sales are flat or declining. You are having a hard time “selling up” and reaching broader audiences and geographies

 Hitachi can help: Hitachi has decades of hands-on experience working with some of the world’s largest software providers. We understand both the business and technical aspects of Product Modernization and Digital Transformation efforts. We offer hands-on solutions and expertise to solve these challenges. Our clients trust Hitachi for good reason — our expertise will help you accelerate time to market and reduce risk. Learn More about Hitachi's Product Modernization expertise.