One of the big winners in 2017 was once again cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and according to Forrester, that trend is only going to increase. For software vendors, the move to the cloud reduces engineering costs over the long term, increases flexibility and provides a tighter connection to the customer via advanced usage analytics, more frequent touch points, and more control over the way software is deployed and managed. And while many are cashing in on this game-changing move to the cloud, product modernization does not come without its challenges. 

Product modernization efforts can be disruptive and expensive if not done correctly. Product planning and management, allocation of scarce resources, architectural and user experience considerations and evolving to a true DevOps environment are just few considerations to plan for before tackling a product modernization effort. Hitachi has the expertise to solve these challenges head on. We have hands-on experience working with some of the world’s largest software providers. We understand both the business and technical aspects of cloud, SaaS and Product modernization efforts, and bring hands-on solutions and expertise to solve these challenges. Our clients trust Hitachi for good reason — our expertise will help you accelerate time to market and reduce risk. Learn More about how Hitachi is helping companies modernize their products.