One of the greatest challenges facing engineering organizations today is the ability to scale just ahead of market adoption of your solution. If you wait too long, you risk losing market share and need to play catch-up with your competitors who better planned for growth. If you start too soon, you could create a lopsided financial statement, which could cause concern to your investors.

Many companies are looking to an alternative model that allows you to scale while not setting off any alarm bells. Known as a Build Operate Transfer (“BOT”) Development plan, it entails utilizing contracted engineering resources in a separate location who function as full-time engineers for the Client Company but without any of the overhead costs. Financially, it takes a CapEx expense and turns it to a OpEx expense and minimizes risk, which satisfies investors.  Companies expand their development, testing and QA capabilities at a fraction of the start-up costs with adding multiple development centers. Once the business case justifies it, the contractors can be converted to full-time employees of the client.

Hitachi has successfully deployed BOT models for market leading companies ranging from those companies seeking to expand their centers of excellence to companies who need to transform their product offering without de-focusing their core engineers. Learn More about how Hitachi can help your business expand while minimizing risk.