I'm really excited to see this recent article in the Harvard Business Review, "How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy," focused on the analytics related to your people.  This field is exciting as it affords leaders the ability to understand in more detail, and with evidence, the behaviors in their teams that drive high performance and results. 

We're partnering with Microsoft on this journey and I can't wait to see more capabilities that we can use with our clients based on the capabilities of Microsoft's Workplace Analytics.  Workplace Analytics is a powerful tool to help organizations gain new insights to achieve their business outcomes using their O365 collaborative data. 

Some outcomes that we can help companies achieve using Workplace Analytics include driving sales productivity, improving retention, and rooting out process inefficiencies. By using a combination of O365 data, company data (e.g., sales attainment, employee engagement data, etc.), and our unique approach, companies will not only gain insights but also recommendations and implementation support to achieve their business outcomes.

As companies embark on digital transformation, there's a keen focus on process and technology.   Those that account for the most important asset -- people -- have a better chance of driving holistic change.

Stay tuned as we share more on this.