With the cloud market projected to be $400 billion in 2020, competition is ramping up and the momentum that Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene and team are building will ensure this is going to be a hotly contested space. In a recent interview, Diane hints to what’s happening under the hood at Google Cloud.  Diane’s points covered internal and organizational transformations that Google Cloud is executing on, the challenges of slow regulatory and government policy making, the focus on share of the growth. Most pointedly, she discussed the transformation that is occurring through digital innovation the power of the informed worker, the societal impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how that is a core strength of Google Cloud. 

COO’s globally are challenged with how to compete in the digital era which starts with focus on the customer and the user experience, but can only  truly be successfully served with transformation of the entire value chain.  The market is dominated with "Born Digital" companies, so established organizations need to adapt rapidly. 

At Hitachi, we fully understand the power of cloud, everything as a service and digital transformation.  We’re driving Social Innovation towards Society 5.0, using our unique knowledge and partnerships to transform entire organizations.  As a manufacturer we’re not just enabling the 4th industrial revolution, we’re living it.  Diane is right on the money, to win you have to transform yourself as well as the market, and be socially responsible in that mission.