Recently we launched a new Hitachi Energy Solution service, Portfolio Energy Analysis, leveraging our Smart Energy Platform. Building upon work from the department of energy, we leverage Energy Plus models to created digital twins of buildings to model and simulate their energy behavior.  Additionally we have further enhanced this to model and simulate entire building portfolios easily scaling to 1000 facilities or more through the use of scalable cloud compute services. 

We utilize our unique data science to performance advanced sensitivity, calibration and geometry generation that is guided by our in-house energy engineers. To make it even more interesting, we have added multiple energy conservation measures that are modeled for behavior, savings and even simulate of the cost of implementation based on our years of experience running large scale M&V programs for enterprise clients.

This ground-breaking, new and innovative analytics capability allows us to help our clients model their entire building portfolio to better understand the potential they have to yield the most optimum improvements to their facilities, greatest potential savings and performance. Classic examples are lighting and HVAC, but we also look at new refrigerants for compliance, air flow optimization, re-commissioning and a variety of other ECM options tailored to the clients specific geography and building profiles.

Literally thousands of computational runs were easily facilitated to enable the highest level of confidence and customization of building models on a per client basis, including custom ECM modeling when needed. 

This service, unique and one of a kind in the industry, allows clients to have the data and information they need to make better and more actionable decisions regarding investments in existing buildings. Investment grade decisions with less risk and more potential are crucial when all the low hanging fruit in the portfolio has been exhausted. 

With our new service we can help you understand your portfolio better and give you the information you need to make the best decisions on where to place investments that will yield the highest possible outcome for the business.