Indranil Chakraborty, who leads product management and strategy for Google’s Cloud IoT Core, held an enlightening panel discussion titled “Edge and the Next Wave of IoT Intelligence” at the Google Next conference this week.

Smart devices and advanced sensors, deployed at the edge, demand compute intensive, cost effective,  power efficient capability enabled by AI/ML trained on vast amounts of data in the cloud.   Getting the balance right requires the right tools, processes and systems. 

Hitachi Consulting, working with Hitachi IP and building on Google's platform,  is enabling  the capability to bring about smarts at the edge, integrated back the cloud and core business platforms such as SAP, to make the next generation of IoT technologies and integrated part of our customers value streams. As Injong Rhee, VP of IoT, Google Cloud notes, with analytics at the edge: “Manufacturing companies can detect anomalies in high-velocity assembly lines in real time. Retailers can receive alerts as soon as a shelved item is out of stock. Automotive companies can increase safety through intelligent technologies like collision avoidance, traffic routing, and eyes-off-the-road detection systems.”

As we announced back in February, our alliance with Google Cloud offers Hitachi Consulting clients the opportunity to successfully deploy a modern suite of digital solutions to accelerate innovation, improve profitability and gain competitive advantage.