I am in the business of helping clients address challenges. Frame the objective, define an approach, be prepared to change course.

Enter digital transformation.

As a person who has dedicated her career to helping other people be successful in their careers, digital transformation has challenged this conversation. You see, this desire for digitalization is forcing companies to question their core capabilities. Should we invest to drive intelligence into this function? Is it core? Or is it ancillary? If it is core, are we taking the best path? What workflows are most effective? It’s almost initiating good old fashioned clean sheet discussions.

In many ways, digital transformation is causing companies to reflect on their corporate DNA, understand unique offerings, and double down on those services and supporting operations that are strategic, unique, and sustainable. In other word, instill discipline and focus.

Yes, there are inherent operational benefits of embedding intelligence throughout your organization. But even more fundamentally, I believe the digitalization renaissance underway in business today is causing companies to be more thoughtful, deliberate, and committed to their role in the market. I believe organizations will emerge with clearer definitions of their ‘corporate self’ and commit to this purpose in a manner we’ve not yet seen. This is exciting. Perhaps a mindfulness of strategy?

My hope is that these discussions triggered by digital transformation do not stagnate. I only see opportunity. An abundance of it.