In 2017, Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) selected Oracle Cloud Applications to modernize their back-office systems, and in late 2017, they selected Hitachi Consulting as their implementation partner for the project.  On the surface, GMHEC is one of many customers choosing Oracle Cloud Applications and Hitachi Consulting to enable their strategy and operations for today and the future, but peeling the onion reveals so much more.

In the U.S., we have many formal and informal consortia in higher education to promote academic exchanges and, in some cases, bulk purchasing. Some, like GMHEC, are voluntary.  GMHEC, however, is leading a new type of voluntary collaboration: pooling financial resources on non-competitive endeavors to reduce individual institutional administrative costs and redirect those funds to academic and co-curricular programs and initiatives.  While this can be accomplished by such things as consolidating procurement functions and jointly negotiating health benefit programs, Middlebury, Champlain and St. Michael’s Colleges opted to pursue a larger objective:  collaboratively pursue, procure, implement and run administrative systems in a single set of applications and, for some functions, operate by a central team.   

Choosing Oracle was both logical and fundamental to their ability to have multiple, distinct, normally unrelated entities in a single system.  Oracle’s technology allows each college to maintain its distinct identity, both internally and externally, and secure its data and business processes by institution and user, yet still permit an aggregated “roll-up” should they wish to produce consortium-wide reports and optics.

Choosing Hitachi Consulting was also a strategic choice. In addition to our credentials in Oracle Cloud Applications, we have experience with customers acquiring subsidiaries and keeping entities separate.  One such customer is Wiggle, where we planned the implementation to accommodate anticipated acquisitions both imminent and future to facilitate a full digital transformation for their financials and procurement operations. 

Interested in hearing how Hitachi Consulting can help with your move to or expansion in Oracle Cloud Applications?  Are you considering the next step in your digital strategy? If so, be sure to engage with Hitachi through one of our many activities happening at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, CA, October 22nd – 25th.

  • Meet us in Booth 1913, where our team will discuss your objectives and point you to one of our demo kiosks or in-booth theatre sessions conducted by Hitachi and Oracle technology and subject experts.  Topics include:
  • How to Plan Your Cloud Migration
  • EBS Migration Map to Oracle Cloud Applications (demo)
  • How Smart Flows Help Your Oracle Cloud Migration – From any Platform
  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility using Blockchain
  • Optimize Design and Operational Experiences in Construction
  • Smart Connected Manufacturing
  • Attend our Product Keynote, IoT, AI and Blockchain Power Business Growth, Efficiency and Productivity, where Oracle and Hitachi discuss emerging technologies and their value in solving business problems many organizations face.
  • Attend our Executive Solution Session, Hitachi Social Innovation, during which Hitachi executives will discuss how utilizing digital technologies accelerate collaborative creation with our customers.

I hope to meet you during OpenWorld, but if you’re not attending – visiting our website is also a great place to start.