Agility and time to market is the name of the game in business today, and moving to the cloud is one of the best ways for you to get the speed you need. In a recent IDG survey, 75% of cloud-first organizations (organizations that have migrated to the cloud and have mature cloud strategies) and 50% of organizations that have moved all or most of their applications to the cloud say that within six months their cloud projects resulted in increased agility and reduced time to market, compared to just 22% of organizations that are moving to the cloud at a steady but slower pace.

The need for increased agility – and the need to quickly migrate to the cloud to realize promised returns on cloud capability – is at the top of my mind as Oracle OpenWorld 2018 approaches. It will also be top of mind for many Oracle customers at the event, and Hitachi Consulting will be there with solutions.

Boost Your Speed Without Increasing Your Risk

Most businesses are convinced of the benefits of migrating to the cloud, including lower costs and greater agility, scalability, security and reliability. That’s why LogicMonitor expects 83% of enterprise workloads to be in the cloud by 2020. But with the stakes as high as they are, the question becomes not only how to drive your business to the cloud quickly, but how to do so wisely. Your strategy, and the cloud platform you use, needs to be bulletproof as well as future-proof.

Among the challenges to consider as you develop your cloud strategy, security is at the forefront. If you’re invested in Oracle solutions, you are well-placed to move to Oracle Cloud Applications, which offer the security you need as well as the power and speed your employees and customers demand. And partnering with an experienced implementation partner who has the tools, expertise, and connections you need is crucial as you begin this journey. 

Hitachi Consulting Vice President for Oracle Technology Viktor Sahakian has outlined how solutions such as Hitachi Migration Map for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Applications and Cloud Advisory Tool provide an easy approach to cloud migrations, describing how to avoid losing custom functionality and tight integrations with other systems, as well as how to prevent business disruptions. And Hitachi Consulting’s Oracle Practice Leader Keith Williams describes how a Hitachi Consulting client quickly developed a clear roadmap for moving a variety of mission-critical systems to Oracle Cloud Applications. 

Learn About the Hitachi-Oracle Alliance at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

As an Oracle Cloud Elite Partner, Hitachi Consulting has demonstrated its full investment in providing the depth and breadth of Oracle Cloud solutions. Oracle OpenWorld 2018 is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Hitachi-Oracle alliance and how it can benefit you.

Hitachi Consulting will join Oracle for a Keynote Session on October 23, “IoT, AI, and Blockchain Power Business Growth, Efficiency, and Productivity,” in which we will highlight how Oracle solutions help businesses utilize technology, improve core processes and realize higher levels of return on their investments. 

The keynote presentation will feature Beverly Rider, senior vice president and Chief Commercial Officer at Hitachi; John Hallin, vice president at Hitachi Consulting; Viktor Sahakian, vice president of Oracle technology at Hitachi Consulting; Rick Jewell, senior vice president of applications development at Oracle; Bhagat Nainani, group vice president at Oracle; and Jasper Potts, UI architect on blockchain and Internet of Things at Oracle.

In an Executive Solution Session on October 24, “Hitachi Social Innovation: Outcomes Through Co-Creation with Customers and Oracle,” I'll be joined on stage with Ellen Dowd, senior vice president of global solutions and Hitachi global solution innovation business at Hitachi, as we describe how Hitachi and Oracle bring together each company’s strengths to create digital business solutions built on top of a world-class IoT platform. In this session, Ellen will talk about real-world examples that show how this unmatched combination allows each company to deliver on their commitment to driving business results while making a positive impact on society. 

Throughout Oracle OpenWorld, Hitachi Consulting will be at Booth 1913, hosting presentations on Digital Transformation for Oracle, Business Transformation with Oracle Cloud and our popular solution, Hitachi Migration Map for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Oracle Cloud Applications. Stop by the booth to gain insights on how to modernize your systems and processes, transform your operational intelligence and achieve strategic agility. 

With Hitachi and Oracle, you really can jump into the fast lane.