Every journey, they say, begins with a single step. At Hitachi Consulting, we know that your journey to your factory of the future begins long before that first step. As a manufacturer, you’ve witnessed trailblazing innovations in technology that challenge every aspect of how you work and create your products. You may have already made some investments in technology from Industry 4.0 drivers such as SAP. But when the pace is as swift, and the stakes are as high as they are in today’s digital transformation, you need to know where you’re going before you take that first step. And to make sure you get where you’re going, you need a guide who knows the path well.

As the ninth largest manufacturing company in the world, with more than 108 years of experience building products across a wide range of industries, Hitachi has traveled this path many times – each time gaining insights and forming strategies to clear the way. We’ve partnered with other technology drivers such as SAP to co-create solutions that build on existing assets. The result is a tested and well-established solution that combines the insights we’ve gained with tools and accelerators that empower your organization to begin your journey with confidence – and complete it with success.

Hitachi Optimized Factory: Driving Industry 4.0 

Hitachi Optimized Factory focuses on streamlining and optimizing your manufacturing and logistics operations to create a safer and more agile work environment, reduce material waste, improve labor productivity, increase equipment availability and optimize energy use among other resources in the plant.  Our solution is based on industry-leading practices from our own top-performing manufacturing facilities, practices that we use as a guiding framework for operational excellence across Hitachi Group companies.

For example, the Hitachi Optimized Factory solution helped us completely reshape the business of Hitachi Rail – a global leader in high-speed train manufacturing for passenger transportation – by making “trains to order” and providing a complete passenger experience as a service, including all assets involved in high-speed urban transportation systems.

Hitachi Optimized Factory drives operational excellence by improving decision making through:

  • Connecting and visualizing worker, material flow and manufacturing processes
  • Digitizing institutional knowledge
  • Integrating with customers and suppliers

With Hitachi Optimized Factory, you can successfully adopt Industry 4.0 capabilities, leveraging your previous investments, connecting existing sensors and other equipment from your operations, and adding modern instrumentation and smart sensors only when and where needed. We propose specific predictive algorithms designed to provide insightful analysis that helps you anticipate and mitigate issues before they happen.

To prepare for your digital manufacturing journey, you first need to know where you are. Begin by evaluating the available information, identifying missing data and working toward understanding how your factory is currently operating. When you realize that you need more real-time, faster data insights, predictions and artificial intelligence to successfully change your factory experience, you can turn to Hitachi Consulting. As a trusted SAP Partner, we bring our tools and accelerators together with the latest proven SAP technologies to help you plan your next move.

Some journeys may begin with the first step. But the journey to digital manufacturing transformation isn’t a stroll in the garden ­– it’s a trek in the Himalayas. Before you take your first step up that mountain, make sure you have a trusted, experienced guide at your side.

The next article in this two-part series  will cover the tools and accelerators that make up the Digital Manufacturing Suite for SAP Leonardo and how it can help you transform your business.

Let us know how we can help you with your digital manufacturing journey and discuss Hitachi Optimized Factory.