You wouldn’t set off on a trek up Mt. Everest without an expert guide, and you wouldn’t take a step without making sure you had the proper tools and equipment to reach the summit. Believe me when I say that because I worked very hard for 3 years to try to climb the highest mountain on earth.

The first blog in this two-part series covered the need for an experienced, seasoned guide on your journey to your factory of the future, provided by Hitachi Optimized Factory. This blog takes a closer look at the tools you’ll need to succeed with your SAP digital core.

If your company is one of the many that has invested in SAP solutions as part of your digital journey, you know you’ve made a great choice. But your journey has just begun. To help you create a comprehensive and effective suite of digital manufacturing tools and a pragmatic IoT roadmap, Hitachi is working with SAP to create a complete suite of SAP Leonardo accelerators that will extend your SAP digital core to transform your business into a truly intelligent enterprise for the digital economy.

The Hitachi Digital Manufacturing Suite combines our global solutions, such as Hitachi Optimized Factory, Predictive Maintenance and Enhanced Logistics, to provide the tested Hitachi tools and solutions for your journey. To further extend these capabilities and shorten your time to value, we offer a suite of SAP Leonardo accelerators that address specific requirements for quality control and predictability, dynamic order scheduling, work cell monitoring and automation, automated visual inspections, global track and trace of goods and operating assets, and much more. With years of expertise in several industries, we have also developed special solutions for industrial segments including Chemical, Aerospace and Defense, and Discrete Manufacturing.

All of Hitachi’s SAP Leonardo accelerators are independent but complementary to one another. You can optimize your Industry 4.0 experience by choosing from a menu of options that best address your needs for a modern digitized and connected manufacturing operation.

Follow the path to innovation with SAP Leonardo

With Hitachi Consulting as your guide, you can move ahead with confidence. We’ll take you through the following essential steps to equip your company for the journey:

Optimize your existing processes by taking advantage of intelligent technologies embedded in the latest releases of SAP flagship applications. With machine learning, IoT, blockchain and analytics as part of your digital core, you can sprint ahead in the marketplace.

Extend existing processes with industry innovation kits that provide simplified pricing, packaging, and services that address critical industry-specific issues. With our kits, you can cut implementation time and realize value faster for your business and your customers.

Transform with our open innovation service. Our proven approach to innovation and intelligent technologies – in an open environment, powered by SAP Cloud Platform – can help you take your business to a new level of efficiency and customer experience.

Hitachi Consulting has combined the knowledge and power of Hitachi with SAP S4/HANA and SAP Leonardo to bring you both the guidance and the tools you need in your journey to becoming a truly intelligent enterprise for the digital economy.    

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