Cloud is here, and if you’re not moving you’re a laggard risking being over taken by your competition. You’re missing out on new paradigms, business models, features, efficiencies, etc. This is what we’re told, and of course there are many great benefits to be had. Before choosing the colour of the wall or which book case to up-cycle, it remains essential to identify the core business drivers that underpin the need to move.  No doubt there are some compelling de-support reasons, but it is worth spending time looking at how your business could benefit from the innovation that will drive true transformation. 

Naturally, this helps with the business case, it also drives stronger engagement from the business. This spotlight can, in itself, be quite daunting so adopting more of a sprint approach – which also lends it self well to cloud – will help deliver incremental value. Taking a relentless delivery focused approach for each sprint is important, however having the flexibility to respond to any learning or indeed course adjustment based on shifting business priority is essential. 

The client identified critical areas that impacted their customer and consequently constrained their growth.  The programme to deploy the Oracle cloud solution retained a core focus on transparency of supply chain, delivered in manageable sprints, each of which delivered tangible business benefit and also tangible business confidence.  This created a strong momentum for a key project that has continued to deliver successfully, and is into its 6th stage

This theme of identifying and driving innovation is core to leveraging cloud to deliver real ROI, real change and real success. And a whole lot more than a lick of new paint and some dubious DIY. 

This is something we will be discussing and showcasing at Oracle OpenWorld Europe 2019 at ExCel London. Take a look at our OpenWorld page here for more information.