What do you do when you’re a company growing through mergers and acquisitions but your unscalable legacy system won’t support your growth? You start planning your move to the cloud.

One fast-growing life sciences enterprise found itself in this very situation. Struggling under the weight of unscalable legacy technology, the company was in search of a system that could both support its growth and serve as a “single source of truth” for its enterprise decision-making. The business chose Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud as its new technology, and Hitachi Consulting for implementation. Why? Essentially, it came down to a matter of trust coupled with our deep expertise in both IT and operational technology (OT).

When Oracle brought Hitachi Consulting into the discussion with this customer, we provided examples of where we’d been successful with similar projects and showed the company how we could bring the same type of success to its business. Then we worked together to identify the company’s specific needs and requests. For example, they wanted to keep Mulesoft.  We were able to meet that requirement – something other providers couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Our experience with complex integrations and integration technology inspired confidence that our solution could accommodate the firm’s local or global expansion needs as the business grew.

Another area of concern was basic administration. Prior to migration, the company not only had been drowning in paperwork, but also it was laboring under an unstructured procurement system that was uncoordinated and unchecked. One department would make a purchase without any idea what other departments were buying. And these were big-ticket items that could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since migration, the company has a single source of truth to know what’s happening across the business at all times, including high visibility into purchases. The new system has proven to be both a money saver and an efficiency driver: the company is now on a modern platform that allows its personnel to focus on the business rather than on creating and maintaining spreadsheets. 

Whether you want to make a one-time move to the cloud or take incremental steps to meet your specific needs, begin by selecting the areas for change that will drive the most substantial benefits for your business. Then, select a partner that knows how to implement the applications you need for your industry and your priorities.

To learn more about Hitachi Consulting and Oracle, please visit our website:  https://www.hitachiconsulting.com/alliances/oracle.html