We are at a critical juncture in the movement of industry to the cloud. It’s long been clear that cloud capabilities have the potential to not only improve business results but to change the world. I believe that cloud adoption is entering a new phase in this evolution, and that was very apparent at Google Cloud Next ’19.

  • Interest in the cloud is growing at a healthy pace: There was a significant uptick in conference attendance from last year.
  • We’re at the apex of cloud adoption: The industry as a whole has transitioned through the phases of test, IaaS, and moving non-mission critical applications to the cloud and is now doubling down on cloud-based application development and infrastructure integration.
  • Google is strengthening the ecosystem for this transition, as demonstrated through partnerships with companies like SAP, Hitachi Consulting and others.

 Moving ahead of the disruptors

At Google Cloud Next ’19, Rob Lively, director of specialized services at Hitachi Consulting and Ellen Dowd, senior vice president of digital solutions at Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business discussed “Building Blocks for the Digital and IoT Ecosystem in Manufacturing.” The focus was on how connectivity is transforming the manufacturing environment and  how Hitachi Consulting is leap-frogging over the disruptors in the industry through its innovative, customer-centric approach. Ellen explained, “While competitors are building cloud-native applications, Hitachi is already taking the next step by integrating applications into customers’ existing infrastructure investments to create customized cloud adoption models that truly meet their needs.”

As a strategic innovation proof point, Hitachi Consulting was named one of Google’s first IoT Specialization Partners. This strategic alliance allows our two companies to further advance digital solutions powered by the internet of things (IoT). The relationship also reinforces how Hitachi Consulting’s real-world experience in operational technology and rich IoT heritage combine with Google Cloud’s leading data analytics and machine learning capabilities to accelerate agility and improve profitability for our customers.

Using next-generation cloud innovation to solve real problems for customers

As one of Google’s Premier partners, we shared with conference attendees how Hitachi Consulting and our affiliate businesses are not just about infrastructure or application development. We’re building real solutions using Google Cloud. Google is very enthusiastic about helping customers see the possibilities and adopt their platform to meet business needs. We have solutions that are great proof points for that – solutions that are built in the cloud, that leverage robust cloud capabilities, and that create a bridge from existing infrastructure and technologies to enable seamless, cost-effective cloud adoption.

As a compelling use case for this, at Google Cloud Next ’19 we featured a predictive maintenance solution for fleet management that shows how any company can enhance its current infrastructure investments with cloud capabilities to be more efficient and reduce costs – including the ability to seamlessly move workloads between the cloud and on-premises environments. Use cases like this show how Hitachi Consulting’s knowledge and expertise can be packaged into cloud-native applications and delivered to customers to bring real material value to their business.

 A promising partnership with a key cloud player

Google is firmly establishing itself as a key industry player. The company continues to focus heavily on the developer community and driving innovation. In fact, Google made more than 120 innovation announcements at Google Cloud Next ‘19, indicating that they are well-positioned as a key cloud contributor and are right on target to become a leading cloud company that is advancing to the latest phase in cloud adoption – developing in the cloud.

As a leading industrial digital solutions company, we have a strong presence across industries and a channel and path to market. Together, we’ll co-create innovative solutions with our customers that both address their challenges and help us tackle the world’s biggest problems. It’s a very exciting time.

Please tune into the replays to learn more about how we can work with you at this important, pivotal time for industry and the cloud.