One week ago we were putting the final touches to all of the preparations ahead of Drapers' Digital Festival event at The Brewery, London.  Less than seven days later we're reflecting upon the Retailers and attendees with whom we came into contact over the course of the (long...) day and following up on all of the questions and expressions of interest generated.

Hitachi Consulting's focus was set squarely upon in-store customer behaviour tracking and analysis, a theme to which we return in our conversations time and again.  LiDAR is at last providing solutions to questions which have, for so long, appeared impossible to a answer - judging by the reaction to my colleague, Mark Williams' presentation on the topic of the apparent fractured state of Retail a huge number of organisations are keen to explore and understand more; we're experiencing huge interest in this exciting, innovative technology.

Thanks to everyone who visited us and special thanks to French Connection, Net-a-Porter and The Drop for joining us for the awards dinner. And finally, congratulations to Harrods for your prize-winning success in the Hitachi-sponsored award section for Best Use Of Technology In-store.