"Communication works for those who work at it", so said John Powell, the prolific film score composer.  At Hitachi Consulting we've been busy over the months and years in an attempt to 'work at it' through the medium of Insight blogging and today I'm excited to release a new channel of communication - the Retail Podcast series.

Our messages are always about how technology, if and when applied appropriately, can enable business change, sometimes with dramatic effects.  In our Podcasts, members of the HCC Retail & Hospitality team will discuss matters of the moment, from the current state of the market to how technological innovation can drive true Digital Transformation.  In this, the inaugural posting, Mark Williams (Head of Retail EMEA), Craig Crawford (IT Strategist & founder of Crawford IT) and I talk with Ben Sillitoe (Essential Retail and freelance Retail IT writer) about how technology can drive improvements in Customer Experience (CX) with a particular emphasis on hyper-location.  I hope you'll enjoy it and join us again in future episodes.