“Can your organization manage its risk exposure while staying current on regulatory requirements and be innovative?” Hitachi Consulting has been helping global, multi-national financial institutions do just that. Hitachi’s Risk Analytics solution for financial services provides an end-to-end risk computation and aggregation engine that doesn’t exist today as an off-the-shelf offering in the market. Our cloud-agnostic solution framework brings together our deep Big Data and Big Compute expertise of dealing with trade, market, and risk data while leveraging Google Cloud’s high performance computing and data processing capabilities and interactive visualizations and analysis.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Google Cloud’s Don Tirsell, Head of Global Partnerships, and Andrew Harding, a cloud architect with Hitachi Consulting, in London to discuss our Risk Analytics solution and how Hitachi Consulting and Google Cloud have partnered to better serve our financial services customers. Check out our webinar to join the conversation – Webinar: Modernizing Your Financial Risk Analytics with Hitachi and Google Cloud.”