"Conventional wisdom once told us big companies are unbeatable... and eat smaller competitors for breakfast. Not anymore; these days It's not the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow".

This is a quote from Jason Jennings' 2011 book 'How to Use Speed as a Competitive Tool in Business' in which he outlined the facts of a changing landscape across verticals but never more exemplified than within Retail & Hospitality, and never more so than today. It is agile, technically-focused organisations which reap the benefits, willing and able to learn quickly but also to fail fast when necessary, which create a culture of true Continuous Improvement.

We also explored how technical innovation is now creating opportunities for those businesses which embrace Digital Transformation and the impact it can have on customer/guest engagement in our recent Podcast.  Now I am delighted to announce the latest article written by our friends at Fieldworks for their Retail Connections series, in which Alison Clements explores with us how LiDAR is able to deliver the in-depth, granular in-store customer behavioural insight previously only available to PurePlay and/or e-Commerce website channels.

LiDAR is already driving Retail & Hospitality business change in Japan, with numerous examples across both sectors. Contact us at Hitachi Consulting to understand how your business can be among the first do to the same in EMEA.

Deep, meaningful analytical insight - and competitive advantage - await the pioneers...