Recently, my colleagues and I are finding more and more opportunities to share how new cloud technologies at our disposal, including artificial intelligence, IoT-enabled assets, and advanced analytics are catapulting manufacturers forward.  Manufacturers, now, more than ever, can gain deeper operational insights in order to improve performance measures including improved production throughput, product quality, and inventory levels. 

This is particularly important to me -- in fact it is part of my every day discussions. Here's why.  Hitachi has assembled 100 years of manufacturing experience to develop a best in class offering for digital manufacturing, which we call Optimized Factory. Optimized Factory consists of several digital manufacturing accelerators and implementation best practices.  Given this, I have highlighted six success factors that manufacturers should consider and proactively plan for when looking to tackle an Optimized Factory initiative. 

I invite you to join my colleagues, Ahmed Khan from Hitachi Consulting and Ashwin Sridhar from Google Cloud, for a webinar, "Getting Smart on Manufacturing with Hitachi and Google Cloud," where we discuss successes in leveraging Google Cloud to develop some of our Optimized Factory solutions.  We can take you through each step so let's get started!