So what is Insurtech as a service? In these highlights from the second half of our 8th July event recorded in front of a packed room Matthew Grant from Instech London talks to Stewart Reeder of Hitachi and three more of their partners, Damion Thompson Insurance Lead at Google Cloud,  Michael Flanagan, CEO and founder of Xtract, Craig Olivier, VP of tech stuff at Genasys.

We continue our discussion (from podcast 38) about how Hitachi identify which companies to work with and put in front of their insurance clients and how they assess them as fit for purpose to ensure ease of integration, and value add for their InsurTech partners and Insurance customers.

Google sees a lot of data. The Google Cloud team don’t have access to that data, but they do see trends. 15% of the search terms each year are entirely new, and customers are becoming more and more inquisitive and impatient. Damion also talks about his experience working with Hitachi within Insurance and how enterprise technology companies combined with innovative startups can accelerate transformation. Damion talks about Google Cloud’s start up programme and other ways of getting involved with them. More information can be found here or contact Damion directly via Linkedin.

Xtract is radically improving the FNOL (First Notification of Loss) process for quick reporting and rigorous assessment of the loss using telematics and FNOL Self Service to enable the claims handler to get notified of a loss within 5 seconds of it happening. Michael and Stewart reveal how the two companies met and why and how they are working together.

Craig Olivier talks about what Genasys has done to be successful whilst operating in the competitive space of policy admin systems,  the benefit of having a REST API to enable full integration with Insurtech across the value chain and the work they are doing with Hitachi.  And how did they integrated third party claim solution in two days?

The first half of the event with more of Hitachi’s partners, as well as Munich Re and Kasko can be heard on episode 38