Well.... what a reaction!

We launched our Retail Podcast series eight weeks ago never suspecting the (hugely positive) response it might solicit.  Thank you to everyone who commented on Episode 1: The Role of Technology in Customer Experience, it's clear that the Podcast medium is an effective way for executives with busy lives to stay in touch with contemporary themes.

In this second episode my Hitachi colleague, Director and Head of Retail EMEA Mark Williams and I are once again joined by IT Strategist and founder of boutique Retail consultancy Crawford IT Craig Crawford and freelance editor, Retail journalist and copywriter Ben Sillitoe to discuss August's topic: The Changing Relationship Between Retailer & Technology Partner.

What's crystal clear is that the complexity and increasing technological sophistication required of Retailers to maintain competitive edge - the so-called Digital Transformation effect - necessitates not merely technology itself but a much deeper, broader working collaboration with technology partners capable of coupling innovation with strategy and even cultural operational practice change.  This episode discusses this evolution.