There is good news: Complex back office transformation using ERP software can be completed within six months – on budget and without compromising on your business objectives. That’s how long it took for Argent Energy, a U.K.-based sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier, to transform its entire operation. Here’s how they did it.

A unique company with some common problems

Like many other companies, Argent Energy found itself embroiled in manual processes and siloed data that made information collection time consuming and analysis difficult. All too often, by the time a decision needed to be made, the information it was based on was out of date.

Although Argent Energy is a leader in the niche biofuel industry, it needed to modernize to stay ahead of competitors in this growing market and to continue with its rapid growth and expansion plans. A decision was made to implement a modern system that would underpin its growth for the foreseeable future. What Argent Energy needed was an end-to-end solution that spanned its entire operation, including planning, procurement, finance, order management, manufacturing and sales.

Rather than simply replicating existing manual processes with technology, Hitachi helped Argent Energy transform its entire operation based on the outcomes the company wanted, including:

  • Consistent reporting across the company
  • Faster decision-making based on reliable data
  • Improved collaboration across departments, including data sharing
  • Visibility into every aspect of business performance through a single source of truth

And we did it. We implemented the Oracle Cloud SaaS solution in record time (six months) and on budget.

With its new operating model, Argent Energy is achieving its expansion goals through additional acquisitions that are enabled and supported by standardized processes and holistic visibility. The company’s leaders now have confidence in real-time, data-driven decision-making that will allow the company to continue to lead the industry well into the future.

What can we do for you?

Although Argent Energy may be unique in the market it serves, it shares many common needs with other enterprises, such as:

A reliable single source of truth for real-time data as a basis for solid decision-making

Automated, standardized processes to drive efficient execution across the enterprise

Fortunately, the solution already exists, and it is enabled by Oracle Cloud SaaS technology. Hitachi Consulting’s solution-delivery approach can take your enterprise from an unstructured, manually intensive way of working to a fully integrated, automated way of working with standardized business processes – and with unprecedented speed.

Our approach is unique. Rather than taking a requirements-driven approach that relies on choosing from a menu of possible options (that frequently leads to business disappointment or long drawn out and over-budget projects), we take a solution-driven approach designed around the outcomes our clients want to achieve. That makes all the difference.

And we have the experience you need. For almost two decades, we have been partnering with Oracle to help businesses adopt leading-edge technologies that allow them to standardize operations and make the best decisions possible based on a holistic view of the entire enterprise. As a result of our innovative approach and commitment to Oracle technologies, Oracle named Hitachi EMEA as its “Innovation Partner of the Year.”

With the right solution – one based on your desired business outcomes, enabled by the best technology available, and implemented with partners who understand your business inside and out – you can be up and running in as little as six months.

If Argent Energy’s story rings true for your company, we’d like to hear from you. We are a committed partner that aligns our success with our clients’ success. We address your specific needs through our solution-driven approach and set realistic expectations around time, budget and outcomes that you can count on.