People are the core strategic asset within Professional Services Businesses – but it is common to find HR teams struggling with age old problems and employees frustrated with learning, development and HR related processes. The cause is often inefficient legacy systems and processes that are not joined up and very manual. This makes it hard for HR to find and make sense of the information they need and do not offer employees the modern experience people now expect.

The dynamics of a professional services business i.e. highly paid workers and people as the core product mean the gains from marginal improvements in people performance can be significant. In fact investing in Cloud HCM can offer Professional Services firms ROI’s of 450%+ over 5 years by helping to;

  • Drive HR and Firm Productivity through modern streamlined processes and self-service.
  • Add value in new exciting ways using rich analytics to increase business effectiveness. For example, HR teams a using data to support business development, drive better utilisation and understand the most effective recruitment sources.
  • Strengthen the link between HR and the firms strategic agenda – by clearly showing how HR is contributing to top and bottom line growth.

Due to the impact and ROI, Cloud HCM should be at the heart of your firms Digital Transformation strategy – but often Digital transformation initiatives and budget is siloed and associated with more futuristic applications. The consequence is that firms miss out on a Quick Win that they can take advantage of today.

Find our more by watching our recent Webinar ‘The Business Case For Cloud HCM in professional Services’.

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