At a huge event like Oracle OpenWorld, a little thing like a conversation can stand out. With thought leaders’ keynotes, groundbreaking announcements and hundreds of sessions, forums and presentations all clamoring for attention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What’s more, as inspirational as many of the sessions are, they can feel a little impersonal. So many of the presentations at these events are one-way – people talking at you. You’re lucky if you even get to ask a question.

At Hitachi Consulting, we took that experience to heart and decided to approach the event the same way we approach other interactions with clients. We came to this event to listen and to share information. From the very first moment we wanted to connect with you and hear what you think. We came prepared to talk with you directly and have a real conversation. For example, instead of hosting a large booth as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to get personal and sit down with you, one on one, to talk about what matters to your business.

We saw – and heard – the results. The power of this approach was demonstrated in Tuesday morning’s Executive Experience session with Hitachi Senior Vice President Ellen Dowd and Hitachi Consulting Senior Vice President Adithya Sastry. “Breaking the Digital Ceiling: Scaling From Back Room to Board Room” was nothing like the other presentations at Oracle OpenWorld. These two senior executives didn’t intend to just deliver prepared remarks and show off pretty PowerPoints. They came prepared to listen as well as to talk. The session was designed from the ground up to encourage questions and comments and a two-way dialogue.

We were overwhelmed by the response. You showed up, nearly 100 people in a room meant for 50. You participated – asking questions, sharing your stories and sometimes even engaging in productive debate. The result was a rare, valuable and inspiring example of why co-creation is at the heart of what we do at Hitachi Consulting. That session more than any other for me demonstrated the power of conversation in everything we do. In our projects as well as at events like these, we know that we learn as much from you as you do from us. That’s what co-creation is all about.

And we learn from our clients and our shared experiences every day. We were pleased to have Hazel Matthews of Argent Energy describe our successful collaboration. Together we implemented Oracle ERP and SCM clouds at Argent Energy within six months, on time and on budget. Hazel spoke not just of the expertise we contributed but of the trust that exists between our two organizations, making it possible to operate as one team committed to the same outcomes. That’s what open conversations can lead to.

At Hitachi Consulting, we focus on the quality of our interactions over their quantity. We know that this approach is key to creating the relationships that are the foundation for any successful digital transformation. Building on this core value, we are proud to announce that we are integrating our capabilities with those of Hitachi Vantara. Our two companies have worked together closely for years to bring innovative, outcome-based technology solutions to our clients. By joining forces in a natural partnership, we can streamline our conversations with you to serve you even better in the years to come.