Microsoft Future Decoded is happening on the 1st and 2nd October 2019 and the founding theme is AI and how to prepare business’ and employees for the future landscape within a new era driven by AI. To bring us into a new dawn of technological advancement, Microsoft have brought together key decision makers across various industries, roles and business segments along with their partners to walk through their Digital Transformation journey.

Discussing the intriguing theme of AI in Mobile Assets is Mike Nugent our Business Development Director at Hitachi Consulting. The main focus for Mike’s presentation is on AI in remote, geographically disparate and mobile assets. We need connectivity to track and manage these assets; whether through telematics systems, transport management systems, tracking maintenance events or any of a vast array of the specific asset’s capabilities. Connecting these assets is not the challenge. The real challenge is transforming the Giga- and Tera-Bytes of data collected into genuine business opportunities for cost savings and improved operations.

Join Mike at his speaker session on Wednesday 2nd October at 3:15pm to learn more, register for our upcoming round table  here.